Guess who won Guardian's Best Quebec Rescuer of the Year Award 2014  ? yup. We did it. Our small dedicated group have managed to be faced with immense adversity and rise above by successfully rescuing 6 dogs this year. We sat down, aligned our foster homes, mobilized our ressources and succeeded to save lives. Our courage and determination has been validated with this award. A $2000.00 grant for the charity will allow us to do even more this year. Looking back, it seems challenges motivate us, they make life more interesting and fun. It's like igniting a fire. almost seems as if it has it's own agenda.  We are just holding the steering wheel. I am proud of my fearless and focused team. It sure is nice to know that people think we are doing something right. Thank you to Guardian's Best for this Award that I will never forget.  2014 was an awesome year. What a ride !!
Come see us at Cricket & Company 21 Murray Street downtown Ottawa on Sunday December 14th between noon and 4 pm for Holiday Pet Portraits with Chuck Desjardins professional photographer. Santa says naughty or nice are welcome. One portarit for $15.00 or 2 for $20.00 and proceeds will benefit our rescue !! bring your best Santa hat !
 We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to Katoby Distribution  that has just donated food and treats for our doggies. The dogs are going nuts over the natural treats and the Addiction wet food. They even donated an air refreshner to help us sell the house and it smells soooo good. For a XMas special enter promo code XMAS20 and get 20% off your order before december 16th !
They have great gift ideas on their website  and please support those who support us !

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