Spring has sprung. Violet and the others are frolicking in the dandelions. I look down the street and someone is jogging, a complete stranger in fact, he sends a friendly wave our way. What happens ? I feel a lump in my throat. How can humans be so loving and some so ignorant on the same planet?  I think of our beautiful home where our boxes are packed, the rescue is silent and everything feels abandonned. Only because of a few self righteous neighbors. It's truly unbeleivable when you really think about it. But we chive on. Clementine is fighting through her mange and it is a battle while her brother is much better...and bigger too!  Thalia is in a foster home being the big lazy girl she is and Sydney is running top speed making the dandelions turn to mush on her passage. A foster home handed me some natural home made doggie cookies to help fundraise, Purolator just delivered some gloves and dog food from an Angel in Toronto. Now how can things be better ? Again, I look at the acceptance of residents of this town in ontario and wonder, what the hell was I doing in Quebec anyways?
Well after spending one year studying basic canine nutrition, I figured may as well continue. So I am a student at the Canine Animal Science Institute in my second year in Canine nutrition and fitness. I hope to soon be able to practice what I am so passionate about. But rule number one is dogs come first. So I often put my books down to run to a vet for the babies. I truly hope to be able to help dog owners and their pets to a better more healthier lifestyle and also assist with different diets according to the different life stages from puppyhood to the golden years. I truly think all dogs are different and I will adress my practice as so. According to the math Ben should be eating 10.44 cups a day, now if I do that , he will be the size of a blue whale. That's what I mean, every dog is unique. So you will soon find on this website a page for Nutrition !!

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