Come check out the newest PETSMART store in the Ottawa area located at 1600 Heron, we were glad to be invited to celebrate the new store.
We will be there on wednesday July 29th from 3pm to 8pm to answer questions, talk about mastiffs and nutrition, promote our pets for adoption like Thalia and recruit new volunteers. Should be fun to have people participate in our free raffle to win a gift basket with goodies. You must guess Ben's current Ben has been on a diet lately but he is getting more exercise on the farm. Second closest guess wins a free nail trim at Petsmart ! should be a fun summer day, come join us to visit the new store !
  Our own girl Thalia had the privilege to be photographed by no other than Pete Thorne the great talent behind Old Faithful pet project, she is up for adoption, magnificient isnt she?
UPDATE: Berry was spayed and we had to remove her eye. The eyeball had been punctured by the previous owner and most of the pressure and fluid in her eye was gone. There was no possibility of her ever regaining vision. So we removed to aleviate the pain she must have been suffering. her stitches were removed and her happiness is shining bright!

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