Our 2016  Dog Diaries Calendar is here! We asked how dogs have helped humans, how dogs can change a life. We were touched to hear so many people open their hearts and share their touching story. 

This is also a clear message on how dogs that are banned in certains areas have changed and saved humans lives . This is a testament to Breed Specific Legislations being useless and ineffective. 

If one dog has changed one life, then it has made a difference.
They make great stocking stuffers and all proceeds go to support our rescue efforts  only for $10.00  !!
We can also ship them to your mail box , see link on our website for more information.

FedEx Express Canada is giving away $5000  in their FedEx Express Summer Canadian Charity Delivery !

Simply search for ''valley mastiff rescue'' and vote for us to win !

Go to their facebook page:
FedEx Express Canada

to vote 


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