We stood in front of municipal council and the mayor to hear what we knew all along: get out of this town. The message was loud and clear. How can a federal charity that stands against breeding and puppy mills remain in this community? if we stay, should we start a new business or maybe rent the house to someone who wants to?  When I asked council : so you are OK with ++ 36 huskies chained to dog houses outside breeding? I was answered : yes, but make sure you do it the right way.  what ? did I hear that , really? so in fact, this proprety is zoned for breeding not a refuge. AND for breeding, there is no restrictions on the number of dogs, 10-100-1000, it doesn't matter . What does matter to them is that there is a sanctuary in their town and they want it shut down. So an unlimited amount of dogs tied to chains outside 24 hours a day barking paints a pretty picture on chemin Legros, doesn't it? So if you want to save sick, abused and neglected dogs: get out of here, but if you want to start a puppy mill ,no problem !!  here is your permit !  so what does that tell you?  this is not Masham...it's Ma-Shame. This primitive mind set is quite disturbing in fact. Bravo, this municipality is ready to issue a permit for breeding no questions asked... you make it so easy to start a puppy mill Mayor Bussières, you are basically handing me the permit on a silver platter.   I can also have a permit for a camping ground, a Bed & Breakfast, maybe even water slides since I am zoned ''recreotourism'', or a petting zoo maybe? So many options before me, what should I do? I have hundreds of ideas all of a sudden. Maybe an education center to educate about puppy mills? There is a slander campaign against our dogs like we predicted, right on cue, thank you so much for that. Like we always have, we will carry on. Valley Camping , Valley Bed & Breakfast, Valley Petting zoo, Valley Puppy Mill Mr. Mayor? .....sometimes you should be careful what you wish for.

One of the comments from one of our fans on facebook says it all: 
Soooo...after all these years, the "mutilating machines" have never "mutilated" or done anything to anybody...but it's URGENT to act now? They must know how ignorant, idiotic and bat-shit crazy they look and sound right? Either way, karma is a bitch. And good things happen to good people ie. YOU France Turcotte. Xoxo  

ROCK'N'RESCUE has welcomed us for this year's fundraising event taking place Saturday May 3rd at Greenfield's Pub !! If you would like to donate an item for the silent auction, please contact us at valleyrescue@hotmail.com or 819-456-4417.  All proceeds go to benefit rescue.
Get your tickets now at www.rockandrescueottawa.com  !!  Don't miss a night of music featuring local bands while raising funds and awarness about rescues!

Sydney is home ! What a surprise when the bandage came off for me to see a straight paw! She did so good during her 17 day stay at the hospital. Life for Sydney will not be about how fast she can run for a while. It is surprising what Sydney can do when she has to, and how strong she truly is. She walks with no problems at all. I was taught how to clean the fixations as they will be there for 4 months. I must bow down to the DMV staff and doctor Madore for the excellence in care for our princess. Thank you to Martin for driving us safely in a snow storm and making sure we got home safe with Sydney! So pray for a speedy recovery and back to the hospital on Monday for our 1st of many follow up appointements !

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