Everybody meet Clementine ! this lovely lady is 4 months old and already 40 pounds, we have a big girl on our hands! Clemmy was surrendered from a breeder ( sigh ) because she has terrible mange. Mange is microscopical mites that burry themselves in the hair follicules. It make their skin inflammed and raw. She was boiling to the touch but not itchy. Clementine saw the vet twice so far and is responding well to treatement. Her rescue was made possible thanks to Stephanie that drove for more than 5 hours to get her safely to the rescue. We found out Clemmy has a heart murmur that could be life threatening, so we are having an ultra sound of her little heart in March. Please donate to help us make Clemmy all better.
Update on Miss Thalia, well I guess when the dermatologists walk in the exam room dressed up like astronauts, thats not a good thing. Thalia has 5 different bacteria including the ever so popular EColi and the not so great : Staph. Staph is one of the worse bacteria a dog can have. She is so happy you can't even tell she is sick. She brought these bacteria with her out of the puppy mill she was living in. She is better and so sweet it hurts. Aside from all the orthopedic issues she has, we could have done without these bacteria. So for Thalia, it means she is home to stay. We will give her what she needs to be happy in her ripe old age.

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