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Companies have become aware of the rise of dog bites and irresponsible owners. Corporations need to provide training for dog bite prevention and safety to keep their employees safe and provide them with valuable techniques and tools that will keep them from being bit on the workplace.


France offers a 2 hour seminar on Occupational dog bite prevention and safety that offers a dynamic presentation and practical hands-on experience on how to understand canine language and how to react on the field in the case of an encounter.


We know dogs. Our curriculum will not only provide vital knowledge to your employees but will carry to their personal life with their own pets.


This training can be offered jointly with professional work safety in collaboration with a strategic risk protection company.  Inquire within.





France Turcotte


A 1 hour visual and interactive presentation for children on how to approach a dog and learn about safety around dogs. The presentation is aimed at teaching children how to read canine body language and how to act safely around their dogs and strange dogs. Those under the age of 10 are most at risk of being bitten, most often by a dog they know, or by their own dog. 


Why not gather some parents, have a wine and cheese and I will present this in the comfort of your own home while you relax on the couch. It's time to keep our kids safe from a dog bite waiting to happen.


''Parents should be encouraged to teach their children to treat all dogs with respect for their own personal safety''. Canadian Medical Association


This fun workshop is presented in schools and community centers or in the comfort of your own home for groups of 5 or more.


A guide to Speaking Dog for children also available at seminar. Book is $15


Children 8 and up.








Corporate Seminars


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